Dr. Chung Hon Dak (formerly known as Chung Kin Kwok) serves as the chairman of Maxdo Group Limited in Hong Kong and is the founding chairman of the Hong Kong Hunan Chamber of Commerce. Presently, he is a Standing Committee Member of the 11th CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee in Hong Kong and Macau. Born to a poor family in Ningxiang County, in the Province of Hunan, he almost dropped out of school during his senior year of high school. In order to continue his education, he managed to obtain a school laboratory work-study opportunity from his teachers and schoolmates. By earning eight dollars a month, he was able to fund and complete his studies.

Dr. Chung is a self-made man who is engaged in property development, corporate and financial investments for more than twenty years, building Maxdo Group Limited into a successful multinational company. As an accomplished and patriotic leader, he dedicates himself to promoting educational excellence and cultural understanding all over the world, focused on ensuring sustainable development in fields of technology and economics as well as social development. In addition to establishing the Chung Hon Dak Foundation, Dr. Chung is also president of the Zhou Guang Zhao Foundation that is committed to the development of science and technology in China. In 2008, Dr. Chung was awarded an honorary doctoral degree of law from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. In recognition of his outstanding contributions in the fields of education, science, technology and culture, an honorary doctoral degree certificate was conferred on Dr. Chung by the Beijing Normal University in 2016. This is one of three honorary doctoral degrees and the first to be awarded to a Chinese citizen.

Chairman’s Message

‘For the ideals that I hold dear to my heart, I would not regret to die a thousand times over’. It is important to do kind deeds while we can, as it is not only how we should live our lives, but also what determines civilisation’s progress.

I have always been asked by others, how I can afford to take time away from my busy work schedule for charity work. I too have at times asked myself the same question; but to me building a successful and influential business is made more meaningful if we are able to make difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

In developed societies, money may represent wealth, status and success in life; but for the poor and disadvantaged, it can be a matter of life and death. If those who are more fortunate can help the underprivileged with heartfelt love, then the disparity and disharmony between them will subsequently be reduced and social harmony can be achieved.

In his biography, “Chasing Daylight’, Mr. Eugene O’Kelly, former CEO and Chairman of KPMG, wrote that it was only in the final 100 days of his life that he was able to live life to its fullest. Personally, I believe that, his is a lesson we can all learn from; if we have goals and dreams to accomplish, why wait to pursue them?

In my opinion, actions speak louder than words and it’s never too late for charitable efforts, but the sooner we rise to the occasion, the better.

Following a decade of commitment and dedication, we’ve initiated and supported good causes that many have not even considered, eschewed or dared to do. The Chung Hon Dak Foundation has been able to place thousands of underprivileged children in schools, support insightful research projects that improve our world, and bring new hope to the community.

I am so glad that the Chung Hon Dak Foundation to date has been great success, and I eager to share our past decade of accomplishments and future decades of joy with all my friends and likeminded supporters. I do not believe that I am a ‘lone soldier’ in philanthropic work as all humans are born kind. Furthermore, caring for others is not a privilege belonging to a particular social class but a reciprocal way of living to be shared throughout society as a whole. If more donors and charitable organizations come together to address the needs of the poor and disadvantaged, it will be the salvation of the whole community.