About Us

Chung Hon Dak Foundation (the “Foundation”) was established in Hong Kong in early 2003 with a donation from Dr. Chung Hon Dak and his family. The Foundation is mandated to promote and enhance education, particularly studies in innovative technologies that propel society forward or improve the lives of the majority. The Foundation is also set up for other charitable purposes that are beneficial to the community. Sponsoring and supporting academic studies that facilitate education and academics in China and Hong Kong, as well as creating opportunities for innovation and technology exchange among professionals. Formerly known as Chung Kin Kwok Education Foundation, following a diversification in its funding projects, the Foundation has been renamed as the Chung Hon Dak Foundation.

From humble beginnings fifteen years ago in Hong Kong, the Chung Hon Dak Foundation has extended its footprint initially to Hunan, then other parts of China and ultimately the globe. The Foundation continues to facilitate charity work and community services especially in educational endeavors locally and internationally.